Tuesday 17 December 2013

Sara Easby's Costume Workshop December 13

Well there was a fun day for everyone at Sara's costume workshop on 8 December. 
Model Deb Pearson modelled two different dresses supplied by Bristol Old Vic costumes, once worn by Jane Asher. The results speak for themselves see the drawings below. 


We will be running another workshop in July 2014 so keep an eye on the website for more details. If you are interested in this then you may also be interested to know that we are running an 
'Introduction to Drawing the Clothed Model' a 1-day workshop on Sunday 19 January
For more details and to book your place visit: www.drawingschool.org.uk/workshops/Introductiontodrawingtheclothedmodel

Monday 2 December 2013

What has Sara's movement class been up to?

Sara Easby had a fun time with her Life Drawing with Movement class last week. Everyone worked together drawing the model in action as they worked energetically along side each other on the BDS studio wall and the results are impressive!

And the finished result

If you'd like to be part of the fun next term then book a course or workshop online at 

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Meet some of Bristol Drawing School's tutors

Sara Easby is one of the school's well known tutors and artist, she runs the very popular Life Drawing with Movement course each term and runs several workshops such as the Spirit of Drawing, Life Drawing with Movement and a new exciting workshop this Christmas on Costume Drawing. In the early days of the Bristol Drawing School Sara held a very popular two day workshop drawing the circus performers at Circomedia, if we have enough interest this a definitely a workshop we would like to introduce again in the future, if you might be interested in this please email maria.bowers@rwa.org.uk plus we are always keen to hear if there are any other workshops you would like us to programme in.

Ruth Wallace is an artist whose drawn work has often been exhibited at the RWA and was featured in this years 'Drawn' exhibition. Ruth runs our Beginners course and the Intermediate drawing course, so many of our students will be familiar with her and her work. She offers a great range of ideas to develop your drawing skills, and as affirmation of her brilliant tuition it is not surprising that many of her students continue on from Beginners to Intermediate. If you would like to join a workshop with Ruth she is running an Intermediate Drawing 1-day workshop this November.

Thursday 10 October 2013

Autumn Term 2013 Workshops

We have a wonderful variety of workshops this autumn, now in full flow and still time to book you place.

There are many ways to adapt your drawings and use them to explore new techniques, we have four workshops that are perfect for just that. Ros Ford is teaching two Sketch and Print workshops running this term which will help you interpret your drawings into relief prints and drypoint. The wonder of print is the unexpected; the results will always surprise you, the impression of the plate or the ink in the paper gives your work a new dimension.

We also have Jessica Palmer returning with her very popular Paper Cutting Kings and Queens workshop focusing on our Royal Patronage exhibition at the RWA, Jessica is an expert at encouraging experimentation and developing techniques. Join Ros Cuthbert to be inspired in her dynamic Open your Eyes (paint and collage) workshop which will draw ideas from the exciting 161 Annual Open exhibition.

It is wonderful to draw and exciting to see it in new ways, or have new things to see.. which is why we have introduced a brand new workshop with well known tutor Sara Easby who will be teaching what promises to be a perfect pre-christmas Costume Drawing workshop.

We have many more workshop so visit our full list and for details of how to book at

Be Inspired

This was a link sent by one of our students, it is an inspiring story of the importance of drawing by tv business journalist Andrew Marr. Although it is written in light of his stroke the sentiment will resonate with many of us Andrew says:

'"When you are doing something that you've got some inclination or talent towards, but which is not easy, and you're therefore completely concentrating on making something – that is, I think, when most people are happiest." For a farmer in touch with nature or a drawer sketching a tree, "there's a dignity and a purpose to life, which you don't get from working in a call centre or being on television."