Thursday 27 March 2014

Laptop Life Drawing

This term we welcomed Lucy Ward to the Bristol Drawing School with her workshop 'Laptop life Drawing'. Lucy has a fresh way of teaching and there was a real energy and focus in the room, as you can see from the results. We will definitely run another workshop with Lucy in the Autumn Term 2014 so if you are interested to be on it then please email

Friday 21 March 2014

Get ready for insect drawing this summer!

Bristol Drawing School is delighted to welcome Cath Hodsman to our tutors for the summer term. Cath is running two workshops this summer that are firsts for the Drawing School.

Drawing Insects, 2-day workshop - 17 May

and then

Cotswold Life have just published this article so to find out more about this wonderful work of insect drawing read on:

Don't miss your place to find out more or to book on this or any of our workshops then visit: