Monday, 31 August 2009

Giles Penny - Comments

Some comments from the show

‘I like the young king’ SG

‘I like this artist’ LM

‘Fantastic work. So simple yet so moving and memorable. Thank you’ S and P V

‘Very thought provoking. If we had some spare £ we’d go for ‘What’s for Pudding’. Thank you for the memory.’ K and A

‘Love the style’ L and E

‘Totally delightful’ A E

‘’Joyful, wonderful, thought provoking.’ A W

‘Funny, yet quite profound – a touch of Henry Moore in some of the figures’ J G

‘Really like the negative shapes in the sculptures – making sculpture what it should be – a relationship between the positive and the negative’ J H

‘Fantastic – great sense of humour!’ A C

‘All of the above! Simple, moving, wonderfully laid out. Enjoyed the experience of seeing it all here. Loved the interplay of the sculptures and shapes in the paintings’ G C

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