Sunday, 27 January 2008

Antarctic Journey Drawing Site

We received the following email this week which may be of interest

On the 31st of January 2008, I will be heading to the Antarctic as part of the Australian Governments Antarctic arts fellowship. It is an 8 week roundtrip aboard the ship the Aurora Australis, visiting 3 of the Australian bases on one of the annual re-supply trips.

During the voyage I will be drawing like a madman between bouts of seasickness, and will be putting some of the work I make and interviews with people on the boat, up on a specially built website. Some schools in Victoria (Australia) will be following my journey, sending me questions and making artwork of their own back in the classroom.

The link to the site is :

Each week, new content will be uploaded, with the first actual week onboard ship, to be put online around about the 8th of Feb. Currently there are things about before the voyage (new drawings are going up all this week as I make them).

The site should be pretty easy to get about, but for the less savvy, below I have written out a quick guide to the site, where things are etc.

I will be sending out an email alert when a new week’s worth of content has been uploaded. It will only be for the duration of the trip (8 weeks). If you would like to receive the alert, then send an email to

Last year I asked the Drawing research network members for some thoughts on the project. I am very grateful for all the ideas that I received, it gave me a good base from which to start from.


Nicholas Hutcheson

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