Saturday, 12 January 2008

School Opens

This past week saw us open our doors to the first students.

The first class was Valerie's on the monday morning and after spending a long weekend adding the final touches to the school, easels, blinds etc... it was a relief to finally see people turn up and enjoy themselves.

Due the success of the Tuesday evening class, we are thinking of adding another tutored evening class on Mondays, if you would be interested in this class let us know

Comments from the first week:

I think the class is great, and I was quite disappointed when we stopped at 12.30.
NC - Tues AM

Just back from attending this evenings drop in drawing class. Could I just tell you how much I enjoyed the event and what a super setup - I hope you go from strength to strength and I look forward to those Saturday all day events! Very well done - 10/10
KK - Wed Eve

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